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About the 5 Years Too Many Mobilization

In December 2007, the UFPJ National Steering Committee met in New York City to examine where we are and to look to the work ahead. One thing was very clear: 2008 will be a critical year for ending the war and occupation in Iraq , preventing war on Iran and building a massive peace and justice movement strong enough to change the course of this country.

In 2008, the anti-war movement must up the ante, pull out all of the stops and build so much pressure on Washington that the next Congress and president will be forced to finally end the war and occupation in Iraq. We must develop new ways to express our outrage that this war continues to cause so much death and destruction both in Iraq and here at home. At the same time, we must be vigilant in preventing a new war on Iran .

This perspective led to the development of a 3-part campaign that will run through 2008 and lay the foundation for the work beyond. Click here to read more about this plan.

One of the primary components of our 2008 work is marking the 5th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. The presidential candidates, the Congress, the White House and the media all seem to be working hard to push Iraq off the agenda until after the elections this fall -- we can't let that happen! They may be willing to let hundreds more U.S. soldiers and thousands more Iraqis die between now and when the next president and Congress are sworn in, but we are not!

United for Peace and Justice is calling for and supporting a set of activities on and around the 5th anniversary that will manifest the intensifying opposition to the war and help strengthen and expand our movement. We urge you to join with us to ensure the success of these actions.