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March 19 Washington DC Actions

5 Years Too Many
Take Action in the Nation’s Capitol on Wednesday, March 19

March 19th will mark the beginning of the 6th year of the U.S. occupation of Iraq. Enough is enough! We are organizing creative, nonviolent acts of civil disobedience in Washington DC to interrupt business as usual for those promoting and profiting from war and empire building. Focusing on the pillars of war­, our actions will take place at multiple sites, demonstrating the real costs of war and offering visions for a more just and sustainable world, a world at peace.

Information on civil disobedience trainings, etc. coming soon!

Five years of war and occupation in Iraq…at what cost?
  • A country in shambles with 650,000 to 1 million Iraqis dead or wounded, 4,000,000 displaced, families and communities ripped apart. Nearly 4,000 U.S. service people killed and over 40,000 wounded, many then neglected by our government. All the while U.S. corporations reap huge profits as they plan to control Iraq’s oil.

  • Over $1.2 trillion spent on death and destruction while at home millions of uninsured have no access to affordable healthcare, public infrastructure is collapsing, the housing mortgage crisis is growing, unemployment is rising and the Gulf Coast has yet to be rebuilt.

  • Continued abuses on our natural environment with corporate greed protected. The Arctic and Greenland melting before our eyes, Indigenous cultures and peoples being destroyed, extreme climate events- all tied to the addiction to oil.

  • Torture, illegal surveillance, domestic spying, erosion of civil liberties. A criminal administration with a Congress and judiciary no longer offering adequate checks and balances. The Constitution, with its articles of impeachment, rendered irrelevant and disregarded.

  • And now threats of an attack on Iran and escalation of the U.S. military operation in Afghanistan. False claims of weapons of mass destruction, while all along the WMDs have been right here in the U.S.

These Are the Times in Which We Live.  This Is Our Time to Respond.
We Will Not Be Silent!

On March 19 -- Join the Nonviolent Action and Civil Disobedience in Washington, DC

United by common demands and organizing principles, groups are encouraged to participate in nonviolent mass actions and/or organize their own actions in coordination with others. There could be sit-ins, die-ins, blockades, pray-ins, bike blockades, street theater, poetry readings, puppets, speak-outs and more at government agencies, war profiteers, corporate media, military recruitment centers, or other pillars of war and empire in DC. Unleash Your Imagination!

Start organizing affinity groups and local meetings now. For more information about the DC actions on March 19th contact: www.5yearstoomany.org  or email dc@5yearstoomany.org