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Route Planning Software For Field Representatives


Google Maps, Wayz and other mapping applications have revolutionized the way people travel and transport goods and services.  In the business sectors where meeting delivery times, increasing sales volumes and providing excellent customer service are the determiners of success, leaders and stakeholders need to be more strategic in harnessing technology to be ahead of the game.  This is where a route planning software becomes the game-changer.

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MapAnything as Route Planning Software

When businesses need to get products or services to customers, route planning software tops most online maps and smartphone applications in efficiency and effectiveness.  A crucial part of the sales team is the field representatives whose job is as paramount to the back-office sales individuals – transforming leads into prospective buyers.  It is this group that route planning programs greatly help increase productivity by efficient mapping of pathways thereby managing time wisely while in the field.

MapAnything is the best route planner for field representatives.  It not only assimilates information about customer locations and optimizes delivery window times to yield the most efficient, less time-consuming paths but also improves sales routes by scheduling the right in-field representative to the job.  The benefits to this software are limitless.

Benefits of Using MapAnything

Some of the advantages of using MapAnything as the choice route planning program in the business are listed here.  First, mapping diversified routes is automated.  Given the multiple locations of an area that an in-field representative needs to cover, the number of stops along the way, the length of visits with each customer is, the overall number of scheduled trips to make within that period of time, and the road conditions brought about the weather or traffic, it is no wonder that traditional route planning has become extinct.  Technology can plan a route and take all these factors into consideration – automatically.

Secondly, field representatives are taught accountability and productivity on-the-go. Route planning software at the fingertips of these agents empowers them to track their deliveries, follow schedules, and take care of customer needs. They are rendered more efficient and employee confidence is boosted.

Third, real-time data on route plans and schedules is essential information to improving business strategies.  Delivery times, cancellations, re-schedule, or re-routes are made accessible to team leaders, supervisors and stakeholders to monitor.  This information can also be used for reporting or sales pitch purposes in team meetings or town halls.

Finally, because fuel costs and delivery times are cut in half, using MapAnything to meet logistical demand greatly boosts productivity and income from sales.  The compounded effect of reduced costs and delivery time lags will translate to higher sales revenues as sales managers and representatives can focus more on identifying potential consumers, newer sales territories and more effective sales strategies.


Employing a route mapping system into one’s business operations can be a quantum leap to meeting sales targets.  MapAnything is a powerful tool to enable logistical accuracy and empower employees.  Field representatives and entire sales teams can rely on this software to help increase sales and productivity.