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Why Choose Colored Gemstone Engagement Ring

Diamonds are the girl’s best friend which is why when men ask the hand of a lady for marriage, diamond encrusted engagement rings are their go-to. But recently, it is very noticeable that many famous personalities have engagement rings that do not only have diamonds on it but also has gemstones.  

So you might wonder why the rich and the famous are getting crazy over gemstone engagement rings. Here are a few of the reasons why.

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Style and Personality

Popular personalities are flaunting their nontraditional engagement rings in style. When the diamond engagement rings started to appear in the limelight, it all started with only one diamond on the band. As the year progresses, the style and the size of the diamond rings have also evolved. However, these traditional diamond engagement rings are colorless and somehow boring and do not define the personality of the person about to wear it. Hence, some jewelers added a pop of color by using gemstones.

One of the most famous engagement rings that have gemstone was the one that Napoleon Bonaparte gave to Empress Josephine in 1796. The “You and Me” engagement ring has a thin gold band and a tear-shaped 1-carat diamond and 1-carat sapphire set next to each other. It may be a simple engagement ring but the stunner was sold close to a million dollar during an auction because of its historical value.

Today, the most famous engagement ring that has colored gemstone is that of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. The ring once belonged to her late mother-in-law Princess Diana. The 12-carat sapphire is surrounded by diamonds and worth half a million dollar.


Gemstones come from different parts of the world and each one of them has a story to tell. For instance, you can get an engagement ring, with or without diamonds, for your partner based on her birthstone or the message you want to convey.


It is but common notion that the bigger the engagement ring is, the bigger your love for your partner is. It may be true but adding gemstones to the engagement ring will add size to the ring without having to pay much. Diamonds are expensive but gemstones can be equally beautiful for a lesser price.

Just so you know, not all women would want to have a solitaire diamond engagement ring. Some women just prefer practicality over everything else. Engagement rings are practically worn every day hence you should give your partner a ring that she will cherish forever.  This Brisbane jewellery shop is offering a wide selection of gemstone engagement rings that would fit perfectly to your partner’s taste and your budget.